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I. Majors and Programs

There are 37 majors in 7 fields available for international students. The school plans to recruit best applicants from around the world on merit.

The duration for Bachelor’s degree program is 4 years, and the language of instruction is Chinese. Students, who complete their study plan, pass required exams and successfully defend their thesis, will be awarded a diploma; those who are eligible for a Bachelor’s degree certificate will be awarded as well.


II. Admission Eligibility and Qualifications

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and less than 40, must have graduated from secondary school or hold a higher degree, should have good grades, a valid foreign passport and non-Chinese citizenship.

2. Applicants for Chinese language major must submit New HSK level 4 certificate with a score above 180; others must provide a New HSK level 5 certificate with at least 180 points and should meet other requirements which may differ for each major (see Bachelor Degree Programs for International Students); exam date on the HSK certificate should be no earlier than January 1, 2018.

3. Applicants who meet either of the following conditions can apply for exemption from written examination, the qualification will be determined by the school on merit basis:

NOTE: Students who are applying from universities with which BNU has signed cooperative agreement should follow the agreement’s requirements.

III. Application Steps

1. Online Application:

Register at BNU Online Application for International Undergraduate Students System

(web address: Online application will be available from January 1, 2020 to March 15, 2020. After you log in, choose “Undergraduate Student” option in the column, then select “Choose your program” and fill out the application form.

  ★While selecting prospective major, applicant can choose two different majors, however these two majors should be of the same discipline category (excluding Chinese Language major; examinations of both categories should be taken). Please carefully read the list of majors for undergraduate students.

  ★Students who are eligible for an exemption from written examination should choose the “WEE Bachelor Student” option in the “Choose your program” column. After downloading and printing the correctly-filled form, write “WEE Bachelor Student” on the first page of your application material.

2. Printing out and signing the filled application form:

After filling out the “im电竞竞猜 International Undergraduate Student Application Form” and submitting it online, the form should be printed and signed by the applicant and his/her guarantor.

3. Submission of paper application documents:

The period of submission of the original application documents is between March 2, 2020 and March 31, 2020 (official holidays are not included).

There are two ways to submit your application documents:

  1). Submit in person to the Admission Office (im电竞竞猜, Main Building, Room A103); OR

  2). Send by post (please see the contact information below, the date of posting will be considered as the date of submission).

4. Application processing and supplementary materials:

After the submission of required materials, Applicants should check the audit results through the Online Application System promptly, and provide all relevant supplementary materials as required.

5. Admission ticket for entrance examination:

Duration: April 3, 2020 -- April 10, 2020

Admission Office (im电竞竞猜, Main Building, Room A103)

  ★Admission ticket can also be downloaded from the Online Application System.

IV. Application Materials

1. im电竞竞猜 International Undergraduate Students Application Form.

2. Photocopy of secondary/senior high school graduation diploma (please bring the original diploma during registration at the university), full high school transcript with records on all subjects taken and grades achieved (original documents or certified copies, documents in other languages should be translated to Chinese or English). Applicants who are graduating after the application period should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date, and submit a copy of high school graduation diploma after enrollment (the original document will be inspected during registration). The copy of graduation diploma must be submitted before the registration time and beginning of the academic semester, otherwise, the applicant’s admission will be canceled.

3. Photocopies of HSK Certificate and transcript (exam date on the HSK certificate should be no earlier than January 1, 2018).

4. Recommendation letter from applicant’s High school teacher.

5. Personal Statement (please download, print and fill the form. Personal statement should be handwritten, typed version will not be accepted).

6. Copy of the first page of passport and page with visa or residence permit.

7. 500 RMB Application fee (to be paid online or by UnionPay card; cash will not be accepted).

8. One passport photograph.

9. Photocopies of other supplementary materials and certificates (e.g. awards, examination certificates, admission letters from famous foreign universities, etc. Original certificates must be provided during registration).

10. Candidates who apply for exemption from written examination should provide corresponding examination certificate, diploma, transcript etc.


  ★All submitted documents should be in Chinese or English;

  ★Application fee is not refundable;

  ★All submitted documents would not be returned.


V. Examination Procedure

1. Examination subjects:

  1). Chinese language major: interview

  2). Other majors: written exam and interview.

Written exams include Test of General Ability (TOGA), Essay, Mathematics or English (please study the international undergraduate major requirements carefully, except applicants who passed the exemption review from written examination).

  ★Applicants who passed the exemption from written examination review do not need to sit for written exams, they must however be interviewed. Applicants who cannot come to BNU for interview can apply for long-distance interview which will be done online.

2. Examination date: April 11, 2020, 8am -- 6pm (written exams will take place in the morning while interviews (including long-distance ones) in the afternoon; please refer to the Entrance Examination Admission ticket for the exact time).

3. Examination venue: im电竞竞猜 Beitaipingzhuang campus.


VI. Rules of Acceptance

The school will choose the best candidates on the basis of the total score of the written examinations and interview. In order to determine the admission list, the interview result will form a certain percentage, and will be added to the overall result according to the selected major.


VII. Examination Results Enquiry and Admission Letter

1. Examination results: Early May 2020, admission results will be published on the website of International Students Office. The school does not accept phone inquiries.

2. Admission letters: “Admission Notice” and other admission materials will be sent to successful candidates in mid-June 2020. (When applying please clearly indicate where admission letter should be sent to and your contact information).

VIII. Scholarship

After being accepted as freshmen at BNU, students with excellent grades in the entrance exam can apply for “BNU Scholarship for New International Students” or “Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students”. Please see details on International Students Office website.


IX. Accommodation

1. On-campus accommodation:

BNU has 5 international students’ dormitories, which provide different types of rooms including single and double rooms. Approximate fees for a room are 55-95 RMB a day. Please see details on the International Students Office website. Accepted candidates should make online reservation during the designated time (right after admission results are published). Login on the Online Application System and go to personal information page to make online dormitory reservation.

2. Off-campus accommodation:

Accepted candidates who do not make an online dormitory reservation on time will be considered as giving up on-campus accommodation. They are, therefore, advised to arrange their off-campus accommodation in advance. In this case they should register at a local police station within 24 hours of arrival, submit their residence registration form at the school during registration, and also sign an off-campus accommodation letter of undertaking.


X. Visa Application

1. Accepted candidates should apply for an X1 visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate at their home country with the “Admission Notice” and “Foreign Student Visa Application Form” (JW201/202). Within 30 days of arrival in China, students must go to the International Students Office to apply for a residence permit.

2. In case an accepted candidate has a visa from another Chinese university by the time of registration, he/she must submit confirmation letter of school transfer (or photocopies of diploma and certificate of program completion at the former school) on the registration day.


XI. Contact Information

im电竞竞猜 Admission Office

Undergraduate Admissions inquiries: +86-10-58805563

Address: Main Building, Room A103, No. 19 Xinjiekouwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Postcode: 100875    


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Attention: Please note that the valid information are the only ones you see on our website. All the time related information adheres strictly to the Beijing Time. Please check recent updates on our website for more information on international undergraduate students’ admission.